Thursday, May 24, 2007


These are the quit blocks for the Guilds Block of the Month.
Each month they, the BOM committee, picks a block design and publishes it in the newsletter. The following month at the general meeting, everybody who wants to participate brings one or two or three to the meeting, pins it on a board and enters their name in a drawing. At the end of the meeting, someobdy wins them all.

Lately, BOM has had poor participation. So I made three, but I didnt really want to win them back. Instead, I entered Community Quilts in the drawing. I was a little bit hoping that other people would be inspired to make a few, even if they don't want to win them. The Community Quilts committee was happy to hear from the BOM committee that "someone" had done that. And they WON! Happy Community Quilts!

Community Quilts is a program run by our guild. We make quilts for charity, for shelters, for the fire dept and police dept, for victims of fire and domestic violence, etc. We make over 200 quilts each year. The best ones get donated of organizations that auction them off at fund raising events. So whatever happens to my blocks, somebody will be happy AND warm.

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