Wednesday, May 02, 2007

another day

It has been just another day. Those happen. It can be pretty good. One thing it can mean is that nobody dumped a huge responsibilty in your lap. It's not just the absence of an opportunity to save the day, it's a surpise opportunity to read a book.

Right now I'm reading Tunnel Vision by Sara Peretsky. It features my favorite detective, V.I Warshawski. She gets into all kinds of hot water in and around Chicago, mostly because she has an old fashioned sense of honor. Also because she doesn't know when to go home and just read a book. Detective fiction is not my bag of tea, (bag of tea, "that's messed") especially not the kind with so many characters and plot twists that I have to take notes-which I do for Peretsky. The first V.I. novel that I read, Guardian Angel, was the one that hooked me. It was at a coffee shop, where you take a book and leave a book. I read it 'cause it was free.....then I read another.....then I bid on a lot of seven of them on ebay. I won.

Joseph and I have been reading the My Teacher is an Alien series by Bruce Coville. We are having a good time. So far, they have been in the library. I finally checked out the library on line to put a hold on the ones I have not been able to find. Lo and behold, Santa Clara County Library does not have them ANYWHERE! Not Mountain View, not Sunnyvale, not Cupertino..... So I bid on a lot of five on ebay and won. One of them is one we have read, but that's OK.

We also read Jennifer Murdley's Toad by Bruce Coville. It's one of the Magic Shop books, I think it's the best one.

Milpitas Unified School Ditrict gets Cinco de Mayo off. That's Saturday, but you can't give Saturday off for a real holiday, so they are getting Friday instead. That's the same as if you can't count to five in Spanish. Many people are celebrating already, and I think most of them can count to five in Spanish. They just want to have fun, nothing against France. I can't count to five in French, but I don't have to. The French lost and this is Califronia. Don't tell Dave. (that I can't count to five in French--I think he knows he's in California)

The new Half Price Books has opened, in Fremont, I think. Somewhere near Auto Maul Parkway that used to be called Durham. Maybe we will go there. I have a big stack of books to trade in.

Right now, Pomeroy School is having the standardized testing. Joseph was explaining to me that when you get done with a test section in class, you are to work on an assignment quietly and not bother anybody. The "not bother anybody" part would be the hardest for him. He doesn't want to do any extra and he was explaining how he made the testing "as time consuming as possible" to avoid it. I couldn't help laughing! That was so funny! I told him he was very good at making something time consuming. He is the only person I know who can spend 40 minutes brushing his teeth and still not get it done!

Judi Danes came to the guild meeting last night with a trunk show of fantastic things. I was going to take her workshop on Saturday, but not enough people signed up. Instead I will go to the tack swap at Indian Hill Ranch. Maybe I will get some brush boots. I will take my embellished saddle pads to see if people want them.

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