Friday, December 01, 2006


Instead of reading a book before bed, Joseph wanted to drew pictures together. This is what we drew.

His is the one that looks real, mine is the one that looks real deranged.

I have been working hard on my website and I think I've made some good changes. I figured out how to shrink the file size of pictures without reducing the pixel size and turning them into specks that load fast. Now I wish I could do something about the fast loading specks at my house. NOT make them bigger, make them load slower!

I fixed new backgrounds that I hope are better. If you have a chance, please check it out and get back to me.

I am considereing advertising on the site. That's got me quaking in my boots. I'm not afraid of failure as long as I know I didn't do my best. But if I give it all I've got and then fail, that would be hard. Very hard.

I want to sew again, but haven't hardly done any of that! It has taken a lot of time to learn photoshop and I still continue to polish that little bitty piece of html that I have.

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