Tuesday, December 05, 2006

"Lord Love a Duck"

"Lord Love a Duck!"
My mother used to say that when I was little, referring to something ridiculous. It didn't make much sense to me way back then. It doesn't make much sense to me now. I think that's part of what it means.

Anyway, this car was parked at the feedstore on Main Street when I went in. It's not the kind of car you expect to see parked at the feedstore. Amazingly, the first thing I noticed about the car was that it was a Datsun. How long has it been since you really noticed a Datsun? My roomate at Cal Poly had a Datsun B210. Hers was brown. This one may have been that color.....once.

And then.....
I drove Ms. Maultsby's 5th/6th grade class, well 3 of them anyway, on a field trip to Christmas in the Park, a San Jose Tradition. It was pretty interesting, probably better at night with all the lights. They covered the grass with white fuzzy sheet things, nailed down. It's the best they can do for snow in Silicon Valley. They put up Christmas trees which different organizations had sponsored and decorated; businesses, scout troops, schools, FFA, Red Hats chapters, Las Madres, etc.

I didn't take my Camera. Lucky for you!

That is why there isn't a picture of my favorite tree, sponsored and decorated by Ryker Endoscopy. Yep! It was decorated with laminated photographs.

You are SO lucky I didn't take my camera!

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