Monday, December 11, 2006

Lights! Camera! Power Tools!

Dave and Joseph put the lights up last weekend. I got a little behind at uploading from the camera.

It took a team effort to get them up so far into the magnolia tree. I wonder what the resident hummingbirds thought abou that!

Mary Shelley has not spent quite as much time in the tree this year as she has in the previous 7 Christmas seasons in her life. It's a good thing too, since Dave is a ball of nerves due to starting a new job today. He can handle it, but he doesn't know that for certain and he is not one to go for uncertainties.

However.....a friend of mine has four cats. Her son rescued and bottle fed them as kittens last summer....... They like the tree. She finally got tired of picking up the mess, so she screwed the tree stand into the floor!

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