Thursday, November 30, 2006

Burning Desire

After two winters with a plastic covered hole in the family room, we are getting a firplace. Dave is doing it himself. We were not quite in agreement over how the fireplace should be redone, and no progress was made until an agreement was reached. THis time, it took 2 years of someone to cave. In this case, it was me.
The motivation for the capitulation was Joseph's burning desire to get one of those Chimney Sweeping Logs he saw advertised on TV.
The cats are happy too. They didn't like the plastic. On windy evenings, the plastic would "breath" and creep them out. Ferm, cool and calm guy that he is, would just leave until he got used to it. Girl cat, on the other hand, would broadcast her unease and share it with anyone who didn't actually work at not getting sucked into it.
So now we are ready for grout.

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