Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mystery Fruit

Our neighbors gave us this fruit at Thanksgiving. There were 3 of these and one persimon. I like persimons, but Dave won't eat them because they don't grow in New Hampshire and he never saw one until he came out here. Joseph won't eat them because Dave won't eat them. I didn't have to share the persimon.

We don't know what these are. I ate one, they are good. Tropical, no question. Very very good, with pale insides and small dark seeds. I ate the seeds too. Mild in the innermost, becoming tart near the outside. We discussed ripness, but if it was too green, it would have caused problems, it didn't.

The obvious thing would be to ask the neighbors, but we don't share a common language.

Of course, not even knowing WHAT fruit they are, Dave (and so Joe) won't eat them. That's good, I don't have to share them either. They can have the chocolate!

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