Thursday, November 23, 2006

photoshop cat

Here is my first photoshopped picture. Photoshop is some pretty powerfull software and takes a while to learn. I have had so many other things goin on that it has been hard to find the time in big enough pieces.

So this is Afternoon Cat, one of my batiks. I framed it, and had enough presence of mind to photgraph it before I added the glass and had to deal with the glare. It wasnt quite square in the photograph, a little skewed in perpective. I learned how to fix that. I had to learn something called "layers" first.

And then there was a thread on it. I took the thread off before I framed it, but it was in the photo, so I had to figure out how to take it off.

And then there was the rug. Because the hanging wire goes on last, after the paper backing, I couldn't hang it to photograph it, I leaned it against the wall so the rug was at the bottom edge. I had to get the rug to look like it was wall, so the picture would look as it will when hanging.

This took a lot of playing around with different pics over the course of weeks, and reading the book and trying stuff out. But I got it.

That could happen only after I aquired the software. By that time, my computer engineer husband was working at home and I never got to use the computer, so I had to aquire my own. When I got it up and running, Jr. loaded his train town into it, within the first 24 hours, and crashed the hard drive. Start again!

I have been trying to frame the batiks on my website to sell as wall art. Being able to get the photos on the site is the longest and most difficult step. If you go there,
you will see that there are a few, but the photos are just plain and show the glare of the glass. Or you could just click on the banner down there.

This one is the best. I am on my way!

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