Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Our Trip, well...Some of it anyway

Here is a picture of my mother, Jana, AKA Grandmother, at Hot August Nights. She says she had a car like this, but it was a different color.

It is a relief to get home. I went to the movies yesterday, just to make myself hold still and not do too much. All the driving, less than friendly bed (air bed on sleeping bag on nearly flat ground!)and the day in bed with a migraine was not nice to my back. If I had stayed home, I would have had to live with all the unpacked stuff and I would have messed with it.

I went to the barn and saw Janow, but didn't ride. He needed grooming badly, so I took him for a walk and groomed him. He did the horse version of "oooh, aah!"

I saw The Listener, with Robin Williams. It was OK. I also bought the game Tripoli, and we learned to play it last night after dinner. I got a tri-tip roast and cut it into small pieces and cooked it with garlic and a sliced up lemon, then put it on salad. I had some black grapes and I cut up peaches and mixed those for desert. Everybody ate everything and nobody complained. Then we got out Tripoly and Dave and Joe learned to play it. We had a really nice family time. That was the best!

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