Monday, August 21, 2006


This is my recent listing on eBay. They are kind of silly, made on impulse. Well...... the idea was an impulse anyway. They actually took much longer than I thought!
Do-Dads on eBay

Just the four Do-Dads are for sale, all the other stuff is just for ideas of what to do with them.

Of course, I made more than four. The other ones will be available at soon. How soon? Good question!
click here
Click on the sign to go there.

Another thing that has recently occupied my time -or my mind, anyway- is the demise of an eBay Group, AKA message board, that I belonged to. The group was originally set up for communication among members of a Folk of I joined the group, then became a selling member for 5 months. Even though I was no longer a member, I stayed with the group, about 80% of which were not members either. It was decided that the members needed to have a site for their own use. Rather than one faction or the other leave, it was decided to disband and form two new groups. They are Beneath The Attic Eaves, or BtAE, and TWOTH. I now belong to BtAE, which you can search on eBay( not a case sensitive search) or click on the new link that you can see on the right. Searching TWOTH will get you some nice primitive folk art things too.

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