Monday, August 14, 2006

Climbing the Walls

While in Downtown Sparks for the Hot August Nights cruising, we scanned the farmers market and craft fair booths and saw the rock wall. Grandaddy sent Joseph up. He was doing very well, but came to a place were he could not reach the next hold.

The wall seems to be made for the average adult reach, but at 4'3", Joe's options are limited. Since he was doing so well, the attendant let him come down and start over, beginning with the other hand/foot, and he made it to the top easily.

By ringing the bell at the top, he earned a certificate for a free giant cookie at a local bakery.

A couple of other kids saw him go up and they decided to try it. Without two summers of experience at rock climbing camp at City Beach in Fremont, it was harder than it looked.

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