Monday, May 29, 2006

The Sleepover

The 10th Birthday Party Sleepover was Friday night. It was pretty successfully. This is a Cub Scout Den that has been together for meetings and activities for years, so the group dynamics are pretty well established.

Seven boys came, but two could only stay for the evening, then go home. Memorial Day long weekend has family plans.

They played so hard. Everyone asked me what activities I was planning, but Joseph said they didn't get enough time to just play. At the Den Meetings, all the activities are planned and organized. So at the party, I just planned on letting them play. They had to be called to dinner many times, and came reluctantly. It was Round Table Pizza, which is generally a favorite.
A mom and a grandma stayed for dinner. Each guest was invited to bring a chaperone, in case parents wanted to become familiar with the house before leaving their child overnight, or in case they wanted to drop off a sibling and have a quiet evening alone.

When it started to get darkish, we went inside for cake and presents and goody bags. The presents included two Nerf shooters, and with the shooters Joe already has, there were enough shooters that everyone could have a shooter, so there was war. Yelling, screaming, running from room to room, and it went on and on and on. At 10:30 or so I got them to lay out the sleeping bags and I put in a Goosebumps DVD about a haunted house. I made popcorn. They were settling down. Then Dave put on a Halloween mask and shroud and wandered around the back yard in the dark. They saw him through the glass door and screamed like girls!
G kept saying "This is the best seep over ever!"

They tried to stay up as late as possible. Whenever someone fell asleep, they bugged him. Joe said B snored, so they shot him in the neck with Nerf bullets until he stopped, then he started right back up again. When G fell asleep, they took turns standing on him and doing the Macarena. He didn't wake up.

When I got up at 5:00, three boys were asleep sitting on the couch, never willing to fall asleep at all but unable to stay awake. We had pancakes and sausage with orange juice for breakfast. They were an interesting bunch to watch. R had speared a whole pancake on his fork and was eating it like a cave man. I said "R, would your mom let you eat like that?" (R and Joseph were in playgroup together when they were 2 yrs old, they know their moms know each other.) R said "Yes...........but she wouldn't like it." N would wipe his mouth all over the back of his hand, and then wipe his hand all over his clothes. I asked: "N, do you need a napkin?" "No." He did the wiping thing again and I said "N, you really should have a napkin." So he got one. He still wiped his mouth all over his hand but used the napkin to clean his hand.

B very methodically picked every stray crumb from his placemat and discreetly put it on the floor.
G cut his pancakes into teen tiny bits with his fork, then picked each on up with his fingers to eat it and wiped his fingers on his pants. He was sitting on the sofa later, picking his nose, and I said "G, do you need a Kleenex?"
"No." but he was looking at a booker in his fingers. So I asked "Are you sure you don't need a Kleenex?"
"I'm sure." I don't know if the booger eventually went on his pants or on my couch. I don't want to know.

It was sad when the first parent came at 10:00 for pick up.

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