Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hunt and Peck

These pictures are from May 2, they are growing so fast! I need to take new pictures, but I am a little bit behind. They have become very friendly, Paula especially. If I set her on my lap and pet her, she will sit down and just look around. Joseph usually holds Chica and he is not as patient with just petting, so Chica isn't either. I need to hold her more.

I am working on two challenges. One is for Horsin Around with Hoof Art and the theme is Foals. They don't call it a challenge, they call it theme week. Most of them work faster than I do. Most of them paint. I'm not a painter. It's pretty interesting, I'll put a picture if it in progress tomorrow, I hope.
The other is for Folk-of-Art-friends. Everyone is supposed to use the same doll pattern to make a project. Most of them are doll makers. I'm not, so my project is not really a doll. That should be interesting.

I also got involved with Cedara who is reading a book on handwritten correspondence and started a snail mail project on the FOAF forum. She said she'd put tips in her blog. I sent 11 snail mails already but am still waiting for the tips!

Go here and see if she posted her tips yet!

click here

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