Saturday, May 13, 2006


This picture was taken last Sunday. They are interesting pets. Really getting tame. If you dit them on your lap they will sit while you pet them, and shrip quietly. But...they have to BOTH be there. You can't separate them!

They are kind of like the Wal*Mart version of parrots. "Rolling back the prices" Parrots, $1.50

Webelos Campout at Fremont Peak starts this morning. We are there until tomorrow at about 11:00 am. Only one paretn may go, but I parent must go. That is me. I'm not taking a project to work on. I'm hoping my roll will be primarily ornamental.

Swallow disaster yesterday. I was ready to cry. I was riding Janow, and came back to see the nest on the ground and the parents screeching. I untacked quickly and then gently put the nest back up, with a wad of duct tape betweent the nest and the platform. It wasn't down for long because it was intact when I left on my ride---maybe gone 40 miutes or so.

The parents flew away, but eventually came back. One was in the nest fixing the linning, the other was looking on.

No eggs yet, at least. It was lined with dark horse hair-so not Janow's, and feathers of larger birds.

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