Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Camping Out

The Cub Scout Webelos camp-out at Fremont Peak started with a hike.

A steep hike. With lots of switchbacks.

Some people made it to the top.

Then we went back down and pitched camp at Doe Flats.

These guys are Jeremy, Neil and Joseph. I don't think they got much sleep. I had allergies and took Benedryl, so I slept fine.

They cooked breakfast on Mother's Day. The pancakes were for the scouts, the parents had bagels.

Many of the scouts wanted bagels instead. Safer, maybe. They earned actitvity badge credit for making the pancakes, not for eating them. That was good because there were enough pancakes left for the parents who wanted them, like me. I put cream cheese on mine.

The campout was really great. It was far enough out that we could not run into a town or zip back home for what we forgot, so there was a lot of sharing and loaning. I borrowed a walking stick and needed help with precarious footing on the hike. Having a spinal cord injury and a left leg that is asleep is normal for me, but a major liability in some situations. I loaned a flashlight because I had two and somebody forgot to bring even one. I gave Benedryl to another parent who would otherwise have had to go home.

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