Thursday, December 15, 2011


Yndi has proven to be very tricky. I am having to step up my game. She can be pretty resistant. She can barge into you, step on your feet, whop you with her head, and rear. Marion helped me a lot, showing me how to lead her. I've been leading horses since 1973, but it seems I had more to learn.

Roger has been incredible, waiting for her to get over her hysterics and then getting her to go on. The training is under there, he says, but from what I have heard on the grapevine, it may not have been the kindest training. Roger says that explains a lot of her behavior, but he thinks she can get over it. She is getting kind training now, and makes tremendous progress in very short times.

Yesterday he switched her bit to Maggie's French link. Her mouth measures 4", but Maggie's bit is four and a half. the shape of her head seems to make the four inch bit too small. She was better after the switch.

Yndi is a very pretty girl, with a fantastic trot, though not muscled at all. Maggie was a funky looking pony, though I thought she was beautiful. Maggie's trot was not so good, but regular and even. She didn't canter. Maggie was SO reliable, so steady. Yndi is not reliable at all. At least not now.

At this time, I have no attachment.


Gail said...

Progress is good. The speed, the amount is not important, only progress.

d. moll, said...

step by pony step