Friday, December 16, 2011

No New Pictures, Just Stupid Thoughts

That's it. No pictures, again. I should take pictures of Silver or Lydia.......

I hope Yndi becomes a nice driving pony.

This whole thing started three years ago. Lessons, training......getting the trailer fixed....That took way too long. Then, new horses. Two in a year. I could not keep them alive. Now Yndi, who is very attractive with great gaits.......and a pistol.

Roger believes she will be a nice driving pony. Consistent work and patience.

Watching Roger work with her is absorbing and amazing. I have more confidence in him than I can put into words. Having Yndi sent directly to his care and training instead of going to Indian Hill....good decision.

But still, I am not driving around. Not with Janow, not with Maggie, not with Yndi.

Joseph is having a terrible time. When your child is having a rough time, you are too. His rough times are tougher than most. Other people don't believe me, they think I am being dramatic. All teens have terrible times, Josephs are worse.

I need to try to contact the police and find out what parents rights are. as far as I can determine, the law provides rights for minors to protect them from adults. If those are the only legal rights in place, then parents cannot make a child do anything they don't want to eat the dinner I prepare and not something else in the freezer. Like turn off the Xbox and go to bed. Like do your homework.

The yelling ruins whole evenings, whole days. This is domestic abuse. He is bigger and stronger than I am, I cannot make him do anything.

I want, with all my heart, to take his Christmas gifts back to the stores.

The guy that Dave got to draw up the house plans for submission to the county for a building permit, is taking too long for Dave. He is very anxious. I am finding it hard to maintain interest with the other stuff going on.

I am back in physical therapy. My right hip has frozen and I have sciatica in the left leg. I need to find an acupuncturist to help with the chronic inflammation and the migraine headaches.

This time I spend, on the floor, with my animals, is my favorite time of day. I have taken pictures, I will upload them later. Right now. I do not want to get up and find the chord.

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d. moll, said...

I think mothers' need to have a union, I'm not sure how it work, but it would be better