Tuesday, April 13, 2010

a little behind

I am behind, way behind. Dave made a salmon dinner and wanted the photos on my blog so he could get credit. Finally, here is the dinner. It was good.

Our microwave stopped heating food, choosing instead to emit a very bad smell. An electrical fire small. I put a piece of masking tape over the controls. Joseph wrote "Does not work" on the tape. For most of the history of man, man has lived without microwave cooking. I didn't think it was an emergency. Joseph felt differently, "We can't have hot food until we get a new one." It took a week to find the time to buy one and install it. Dave did the work, Joseph refused to help. I will take a picture of the new one so he can get blog credit for that too.

I went to a presentation on rabbits by Save-a-Bunny at the Milpitas animal shelter. My foot hurt and I had hard time walking in. I learned a lot about rabbits. I decided Silver needed a cuddle up. Shopping for a cuddle cup I got discouraged. $20.00, which doesn't seem like a whole bunch, but the materials to make it add up to 2.50 at most, if you buy them at retail price. Those things have a 300% mark up and that 2.50 includes that markup. SO I made one. It took me an hour and 10 minutes. I got the fleece scraps from Denise, I had the thermolam scraps myself. Silver was suspicious. I don't know it she'll like it or not.

I also learned how one person can restrain a rabbit for nail clipping. Rabbits HATE to have their nails clipped. You can also use that grip for cleaning anal glands. I didn't know you had to do that. I showed the new grip to Silver. She showed me that it doesn't work on ALL rabbits. Guess we are not cleaning anal glands.

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