Thursday, April 01, 2010

Baboon, Chicken, Cat and Ponies

I took my camera to to the ranch yesterday. Janow and Cherokee next door were sleeping in the sun. Janow got up before I got out of the car. He had an itch that he couldnt reach. Cherokee stayed where he was.

The park was closed because of yesterday's rain and the mud. Jay postponed his ride in the park. Good thing, Janow was pretty muscle sore. I got on and walked him around so he would limber up a little. Hand walking would be better, but I can't do that.

Here, also, is the view from Janow's stall.

And, of course, pictures of the herbs I planted for Silver.

Mary Shelley followed me, she was all squinty in the sun.

Paula Pullet wanted to know if I was going to pick her up and carry her, or give her a piece of bread.

Paula likes to be picked up and carried, but not picked up and held. You have to keep walking. I can't do that.

Soon Baboon, I may be mobile again!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Love the title. Looks like I need to go back a ways and figure out whay you're not able to walk. I hope it's nothing serious...but at least you can still ride. Yay!

That kitty is so lovely! And look at the pretty garden, too. Lucky you.
It's snowing here gardening here for another month at least.

Janow sure looked tired in that pic. Look like I do need to go back and see why. hehe!


DK & The Fluffies said...

Fiona Bun says there is not enough basil!

Cara said...

Someone else took Janow on a trail ride to the park on Monday. He was quite muscle sore after. Thursday he was still very sore, so I had a horse massage person give him an hour of massage, which he enjoyed. I will see today if he feels better still.

Cara said...

Tell Fiona that the basil will grow!