Friday, April 09, 2010

For the Birds

Hers s a picture of turkeys that Dave took up on Mt. Hamilton. This is how they look in the spring when they are trying to impress the lady turkeys. They don't look like this at Thanksgiving.
We had some nice warm sunny weather here, then it got cold and cloudy again. Everybody was pretty disappointed because we had enjoyed the warm sun. Even the birds. They had cold feet so they were warming them in Janow's fur. They pooped while they were there, but it comes off easily if you let it dry.

It got warm again. We are all relieved.

Janow was pretty muscle sore after Jay rode him in the park. Janow can get very enthusiastic and over-do. I had Julie massage him and that helped. Still troubling s that he needs to walk 30 or 40 minutes just to loosen up. Yesterday we made the small loop that we used to do in 8 minutes. The first time around took 15 minutes. The second loop was just under 10. The third loop was very close to the old time.
I gave him a shot, IM, of Polysulfated Glucosaminoclycans. I have to look up how often I can give that. I'll see if it helps.

It's hard to get old.

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