Wednesday, August 19, 2009


No new pictures because:
Dave still has the picture cards all pogged up with photos of sentiment. I can take three photos before I have to upload. To do that, I have to un-click all of his. Too much clicking.

He bought a hot tub on Craigs list. We had contractors level a spot and pour a cement pad for it. After that, there are problems. Dave spends all his extra time on the problems.

The vet came for Janow yesterday to see a slight problem in front that has been bugging me a lot. I was afraid Janow was developing changes in a front pastern or coffin joint. He could not find anything to indicate that. Was it his damaged laminae? No.

His hocks were bothering him and he was mildly positive to flexion tests. X-Rays showed some slight narrowing of joint spaces, pretty good for a 20 year old horse. There was possibly more inflamation that would not show on x-rays. I had his hock injected with cortisone in case they were bothering him more than the pictures and flex tests indicated. He has stall rest until Saturday. Then he can come out and I can see if he is significantly better. Or not.

I will sign him up for the next chiropractic clinic.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I hope you can get to the bottom of Janow's leg problems soon, so he can feel better. :)
Let us know what you find out.