Sunday, August 30, 2009


There are four of these turnouts available at Indian Hill. If someone else is waiting, there is a 15 minute time limit. Because I have to be carefull about the horse on the other side of the fence, Janow goes when it is not peak time and we don't wait or have to leave in 15 minutes.

You can see how bleak things look around here at the end of summer, and why it is wildfire season. California bad weather does not come as blizzards or hurricanes, it comes as wild fires. California leads the nation in wildfires. This small patch is safe from wilfires--nothing left ot burn.

Janow likes to be out here for short periods. Whenever we walk near here, he nods in the direction of the turn outs: "We could go here today..."
Remember, Janow has Peripheral Cushings and does better when he is a bit on the lean side. He gets lots of hay.
He rolls in the dust. He walks around looking for food. He eats twigs. It must be like eating the last of the warm wilty celery sticks that taste a little bit like salt because people have been touching them. He smells where other horses have been.

"What have you been eating...?"


Cara said...

Two firefighters have died in the fire north of LA. Thousands have been evacuated. Three people have been injured when they did not evacuate.

Sixty(?) homes have been destroyed in Auburn when a wildfire burned a residential neighborhood.

I can't watch the news anymore.

allhorsestuff said...

OH! That is is terrible, the fires!

Glad that your horse got to go out there that day...happy he was!