Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Janow Story

This is an old picture that I found when I was scanning picture cards looking for one that wasn't crammed with Dave's pics that he can't bear to erase even if they are backed up. I think I need to buy a new picture card.

An old picture of us goes with someone elses Janow story.

Some history first: Janow is a confirmed nudist. He has NEVER liked a fly mask, managing to destroy them within days of purchase, soliciting assistance from neigh-bors if needed.

This year I purchased a new kind with huge bug eyes. He likes it, lowering his head to have it put on. Once, when he was tied for grooming, mask off, I looked up to see him standing with his face pressed into the mask where it was hanging on the fence. "Put this back on, please."

Someone elses story as told to me: She was walking up the lane past his paddock/stall when he whinnied to her. She looked at him and saw that his mask was off of one ear. She went into his paddock and fixed the mask. He put his nose into her stomach and nickered his thanks. She was blown away!

That's Janow, "Smarter than the average bear."


OnTheBit said...

aww...what a great story! And what a smart boy!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

SO sweet!!! Now I want to see a photo of Janow in his bug-eye fly mask. lol!
What a beautiful boy. :)