Friday, November 28, 2008

Cat Patrol

Today, in addition to spending lots of time with Janow, I took pictures of saddle pads.
There were a lot of pictures of a lot of pads.

The Cat Patrol inspection team remained vigilant.
Even in the confusion of many pads in many rooms, they tried to keep calm.


Fantastyk Voyager said...

Those batik pads are very pretty! They must look nice under english saddles. Do you have a webpage for selling them?

Melanie said...

They look wonderful!! Your kitty cats crack me!!!

allhorsestuff said...

Hello Cara!
Thanks for commin' on by the Allhorsestuff blog.
I agree with you..Washashe Mare-she was bored. The on-site trainer did me no favors with my plans. I came up with better plans...+ dressage on the trails works too!
I have now switched trainers because the one at our barn is, what I call; "A finisher." She wants NO-"Between the ears" issues with a horse. And mine has issues there. I am working with her and she I(the mare that is)
So I found a trainer that likes a challenge becasue she loves the horse human relationship. She appreciates how I try to be fair and yet need honesty from the mare as well.

So, Would you make me an All American(Red ,White Blue) Saddle pad? I like the square ones you had.Can you make them with a slight rise in the front for wiother relief?
Will go look again after I post this. I love tied dyed. Bet ya figured that out from the blog background.
Let me know.