Wednesday, November 05, 2008


What I got wasn't what I wanted. I opened a Flickr account to do it, but Flickr cannot really do what I need right now. So, visiting forums, I find that Picassa can, so I opened a Picassa account. That was easy, it is part of my Google account and the same one I use for Blogger.

My Picassa account already has pictures in it. All the pictures I have ever put into my blog are in my Picassa account. But the pictures I want to use are not. So I have to upload them. So I need new software.

But wait just a gol durn minute! If loading pictures into my blog also puts them into my Picassa account, why don't I just put them in my blog!? I don't have to publish that entry.

I've done that when I have planned to be away. I load a bunch of photos into an entry and then save without publishing. Then, from another computer, I can make a new entry, copy the photo html from the unpublished entry and paste it into the new entry, and then I have put in a photo from a computer that didn't contain my photos!

Well........that was the easy part. The next part took a couple hours. If the documentation had been well written, it would have been faster. This is what I wanted.

These are the batiks for the saddlepads I am making. Think how much progress I would have made on them in the hours I spent on the computer!

I have been busy at other stuff too, but I don't know what I have accomplished in my efforts. I voted. I spent a lot of time becoming more familiar with the measures and propositions on our local ballot. Fifteen of those. Then the county and state offices, I skipped those. I voted for the local county and city offices. Somebody asked me how I voted. I told her I didn't vote for an individual person. I voted for which way I wanted the wind to blow. Do I want to wipe out a trailer park? or a tree frog?

Janow has survived our first winter storm. I wasn't worried since he has survived many, but HE became worried. He went out in his heavy winter coat, became frightened, was soaking wet, would not come in. He was shivering. THEN, I worried. I had to shut him in with a stall guard. Then covered him with his heavy wool canvas blanket. I told him he was too old to be wet and cold all night!

He began to get warm and I stayed with him until he was calmer. I had to set up water inside, his trough is outside. Then I was soaked. In the morning, he was dry under the blanket, but still damp everywhere else.

Somebody invited me into Facebook. I thought "Good idea, I will become more searchable." After how many hours on a learning curve? I don't think so. So I'm there, and I get emails of people who want to be my friend or something. People I don't know. I haven't decided how I feel about that. After the hours I spent on Picassa, I don't want to spend more time.

I have also been busy shopping for gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Then I got this email. "What do you want for Christmas?" I have been so busy with everyone else, I don't know. I think what I really want is January.

My thumb is also better. I accidentally punched a hole in my thumbnail with the needle on my industrial upholstery sewing machine. Blood came up through the hole. I tried to wash it, but a puncture wound through a fingernail is hard to clean. After 4 days, it doesn't seem to be infected and is wearing a heavy coat of Sally Hanson's Hard as Nails.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Silly horses. My mare will do the same thing. And she really dislikes the wind and blowing snow, so she stands out there so dejected looking and sometimes runs about like she's trying to outrun with wind and snow.
I'm glad that Janow made it through ok, though.

I'm right there with you on the Facebook. Blogging takes up too much of my time already. Good for you for figuring out another way to save and upload photos.

Your batiks are so lovely. I smjiled when I saw the one with the snail because it reminds me of my mare. She is slow as molasses. lol!

Sorry about your thumb, but I'm glad it didn't get infected or the nail didn't fall off.


Anonymous said...

I have trouble keeping up with much of the online stuff. I try to blog regularly (my friends say too regularly), but I can never remember to visit facebook or twitter.

By the way...You had me at the batiks! Very pretty.