Thursday, November 06, 2008

I am behind on blog stuff due to stuff in real life. There have been pictures sitting in the camera getting old.

Here is one Dave took on the way home from Mt Hamilton last Sunday. Do to shrtening daylight ours and the time change, it was getting dark and the lights of San Jose were comming on.

Dave loves Mt Hamilton and takes tons of pictures every weekend.

And here is our little Almond Roca Factory. She has the cat instinct to sit on "something."

The mess in the background? It's my pile of gifts for the season. I messed it up in photoshop. I don't want anyone to see it and thingk "OOOOH, I'm getting ______!" and then get me something very VERY nice because of it.

Then find out that they are only getting _______ . and somebody ELSE is getting the _______! And then, of course, they get me _____!!! when I only got them _____ . and then I get to feel guilty.

or worse:

They will see the little_____ . and thing: "oh, she's only getting So&so a little______ . I'll have to get SO&so a big______!! to make up for it. Cara can get a dinky_____ . from me so it wll all come out even."

And then THEY recieve the little______ . because the big______!! was really for So&so. Then I can think that they got a big_____!! for So&so, proving that they always loved her best anyway.

We don't need this.


soundsliketomatoes said...

Haha, this is hilarious! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one to obsess over gifts and giving. If only we could just give each other high fives and hugs.

Etsy Green and Clean Guild said...

LOL!! Yeah, we don't need drama over gifts. :) HIDE THEM ALL!

20 meter circle of life said...

the 40 stuff was for BECG, she was saying she wondered if she could compete being almost 40!! Whatever I just wanted to give her a wake up call. I am loving 40 and more than ready to take on the next 40 as well