Saturday, April 12, 2008


I am done with the third pad! That takes care of the entries for the quilt show, I just need to sew on labels and submit them. I want to take them to the barn today and get pictures of horses wearing them. I hope to display these pictures with the pads at the show so the non-horse people can see how they are supposed to go. With other wearable art, it is easy to see how it can be worn by a person because everyone at the show will be familiar with clothing. But saddle pads.......

Even with the frenzy of machine acquisition and sewing, life goes on. Silver went behind the dryer last night and would not come out. Banana would entice her, but only far enough to get the banana. She did not want to be caught. I would have just figured she be fine, but Dave likes everything just so. The fact that she would not come out made him NEED to get her out. He ended up pulling the cabinets out and getting Joseph to crawl back there. We got her.

Whiskers, the ever hungry cat, snuck into the garage to raid Mary Shelley's food, of which there was none anyway. But she would not come in. So I let her stay. She was there this morning when I went out to give Mary Shelley her food. Of course, she ran right in, and I continued down the two steps to Mary Shelley's dish. Down two steps right into the cat poo. In bare feet. Hopping to the bowl to put Mary Shelley's food in also got me closer to the storage shelves where we keep stuff like paper towels. How fortunate for me.

Another morning cat poo incident logged.

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