Sunday, April 27, 2008

saddle pads, sewing, carrot flowers

Janow got stuck modeling again! This is the one I made to keep. Very simular to the green one in the quilt show next weekend. But I wanted to make one for me, so this is it.

Janow had a make-over week. He had vaccinations, then Adequan, then the equine dentist, then the horseshoer. A good shampoo would round it out, but we both hate it, so it's not gonna happen.

I got some stuff cut out for more pads. I have five tops cut and ready for the batik to begin. I will lay out the designs today, and maybe do the first wax. I have the foundations for four embellished pads made, and the first two started this morning. I need to order the pads. These go a little faster than batik and building the pads from scratch. I found a great supplier of cotton batting. She calls herself and only sells one brand of batt. I ordered a bunch.

The carrot flowers are about how they are. They are not beautfiul flowers, but interesting. Works for the carrots. Silver likes the greens.
Here are some other pictures from out yard. We are beginning to get strawberries. The birds are beginning to get strawberries too.

Remember, you can click on the pictures to enlarge them and see details.

Poppies, our state flower.
The irises are doing very well! Irises all over the neighborhood are doing well. The weather was just right for them.


Nodin's Nest said...

I wish flowers like that could grow in Florida, this is the second time today I wished I could get out of this state! I love a white horse!

The Nature Nut said...

Those pads look lovely on the horses and I'll bet they like the feel of them too.

Wow summer is really under way where you are!!! We won't be seeing carrot flowers (our variety is called Queen Anne's Lace) for a few months yet...the leaves are only just starting to come out on the trees up here in Canada. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

Anonymous said...

that's a beautiful horse!

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