Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kidango benefits!

Last year I machine quilted and bound a quilt for Piecemaker's Quilt Guild of Southern Alameda County, Community Quilts. The chairman of communtiy quilts decided that this quilt was good enough to save for a charity auction. Community Quilts organizes the whole guil to help out and make quilts for the community. These are given to different non-profits to go to people who need something just like that. Vicitms of domestic violence of house fires or......the list goes on. The nicer ones are given to organizations to auction or raffle off during fundraising events.

Guys Churn Dash went to one of those last Sunday. Kidango had the Taster's Choice fundraiser and Guys Churn Dash raised money for them.

I'm going back to the archives and see if I can pull out the pic........
Found it!

And, I saw both of the swallows today! They are both back. And noisy! I had forgotten how distinctive the swallow call is. WOW! How could I forget that!

Some of Daves carrots from last year's garden wintered over. The tops are now huge! I talked him into not taking them out and harvesting the tops for Silver. Well, yesterday, I looked out the window, and they are starting to bloom! I get to see what carrot flowers look like up close and personal!

Of course I took pictures.

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