Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What's New?

This is what's new here. The new washer and dryer is installed in the laundry closet. This closet is right next to the kitchen, not the in the garage or cellar. It's right where you are most of the time.

These are the new energy and water efficient ones, and Dave put them up on a shelf instead of buying the pedastals that go with them. There are drawers under the shelf for the laundry and the laundry products. The pedestals that you can buy are not big enough for much, and having the washer and dryer at THIS height makes it SO easy to use. When you are not doing laundry, you can close the doors and they are invisible.

Dave wanted me to post them so his mom could see. So, Mrs. Mom, here they are.

I have been working on coasters here. Kind of boring. I have two kinds; quilted ones with labels for promo items, 75 of those, and prim folk art stitched ones. The quilted ones are nearly finished. there are 25 that still need labels sewn on, and then all need to checked and have the thread ends cut off. THe proim ones are something that I sort of started a long time ago. I didnt want them around but I didn't want to throw them out, so I am trying to finish them up so I can move them on.

I'll take pictures later.

I have decided that my paypal shopping cart is not very good at all. It can't do very good shipping calculations. In fact, it can't calculate much at all. It can base the shipping on a percent of the sales total, or it can give a flat rate. What I might do is go with Google Checkout. I need a shopping cart for that, which is eother another major learning curve. Alternately, I can pay a web designer to do it for me. If I did that, I could pay for them from my profits.......wait. One thing you cant do is increase operating costs to exceed you capacity for production. I cant produce enough to make enough profit to pay for a web designer.

I have looked at other options and spent some time in thought. I may be able to open a store on and link my store to it. uses Google Checkout, but has dismal store fronts with room for only one pic per item. I can take advantage of the better shipping options offered by Google Checkout if I integrate my site to there.

But when? Very good question.

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