Saturday, February 23, 2008

Monkey Travel Club

I'm starting off today's entry with these:

Cup cosies to keep your coffee warmer, and reusable so you don't have to get those cardboard ones and then throw them out. Environmentally friendly! I want one, they are SO COOL!

They are on ETSY, a selling website for artists and cafters. The link to MonkeyTravelClub, the store with these is: here.

I have finished the binding on all those quilted coasters and now am in the process of snipping the thread ends. That is very boring! It is SO boring the boredom itself is exciting.

So, in the process of avoiding the boredom, I have gone to the bookstore with a gift card from Christmas. It was hard to choose. In the end, I got two. A big picture book of Gothic architecture sculpture and painting, and The Collage Source Book. I'm not planning on doing collages, at least not as they are in the book, but it has good pictures and I can get ideas from it, or just the feeling that I want to make something. Good for those days when I feel uninspired. I didn't really feel like book shopping when I went in, but in the end it was hard to choose just two.

Joseph comes home today. He has been in Nevada all week, visiting his grandparents and having a good time. We thought we would get a chance to watch some movies without talking through them, and even some that are rated R that we would not watch as a family. With Monday as a mail holiday, Netflix was slower and we didn't plan ahead well enough. Then, two movies actually came, but they were both broken. Three years of Netflix, three or four DVDs at a time, 10 to 20 DVDs a month, and a total of four have been broken. Two of those this week!

We had Fantasy Island, and we slept through a two hour episode, then a one hour episode. We went to the library and got Fahrenheit 451 and Blind Horizon, both of which we slept through. Then I rented Chocolat from a store. I stayed awake through that. Dave also stayed awake, but wishes otherwise---chick flick! So, I would say, we slept very well in Joseph's week away.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition came in yesterday's mail. Dave said
"This came! Don't tell Joseph." Then he gave me the Entertainment Weekly and said
"Here's your version!" It has Will Ferrell on the cover. I told him that Will Ferrell was not the women's version of the Swimsiut Edition! Then he perused the Swimsuits and found a picture of Will Ferrell with one of the models.
"This proves my point."

I bought the fabric I need to line my DOL Retreat jacket. I also signed up for Retreat Light, hosted by Piecemakers Quilt Guild Community Quilts. They are getting a big room in a Newark hotel so we can all set up and sew for the entire weekend at the beginning of March. I have sent in my money, and plan to finish my jacket them. Rooms are available for a pretty good discount, but I will come home at night and also care for Janow on Sunday Morning.


iSew said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my monkeys!

Monkey Travel Club

Purty Girl Designs said...

It was soooo nice to actually read something that has to do with real life! Totally refreshing thanks!