Saturday, February 02, 2008

Santa Claus and the Crap Fairy

Here is some of the work of Carrie Lyons.These are all 8"x11" pencil on art board, and they are availble on ETSY for $50.
You can also buy hand touched prints and note cards and artist trading cards an very reasonable prices. You shouold check her out by clicking on this banner link.
The best part is, she can make custom portraits of your pet. She has four house rabbits and understands the importance of catching the essence of your pet.

Tomorrow, I leave for a four day retreat in Santa Barbra with Marcie Tilton and Diane Ericson. I hope everything here doesn't fall apart. Not badly anyway.

Silver is now working on her third newspaper log. I make them out of newspaper rolled up and tied with jute twine. It keeps her happy, but Dave doesn't like the mess. I remind him it is better than chewing on the sofa.

This past Christmas, it was surprising how Joseph, at eleven, is still holding on to his belief in Santa Clause. The reason became obvious when we sat down to write thank you notes. See, you have to write notes to all the people who give you gifts, except Santa Claus. Anybody who believes in Santa Clause has fewer notes to write.

The Crap Fairy is another story. Its easy to see why he still believes. The Crap Fairy goes around the house picking up all your crap and leaving prizes. The more prizes you want, the more crap you leave around. There has never been any evidence of Crap Fairy prizes, yet millions of children still believe.

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