Thursday, March 23, 2006


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I fell drippy,
Oh, so drippy.......

Not exactly wallowing is success. I've decided not to continue as an artist on I've been on it since November of '05, which isn't exactly a long time. I've been paying monthly to have three items featured. More experienced people tell me it takes time, but after 5 months, I have not sold anything from there, and have only recieved one email. It was not even an inquiry, just somebody warning me about the dangers of breathing wax fumes. My site stats show that I am not even getting lots of hits to my site from the Folk-of-art site. After five months, I should at least see an upward trend! I don't think that's happening.

I have been informed that I have to sell stuff cheap at first, but that doesn't work. Pricing below cost doesn't seem to do it. Maybe pricing higher will make it worth more?

But my web site isn't wallowing in success either. I haven't done much to drive traffic to it. I have spent much of the time learning about making a site. My site has improved vastly in 6 months. I'm learning new things all the time. There is only so much time I can spend each day, and I want some time left over for actually DOING art. If it's not done by 7am, it's not gonna happen. The rest of the day starts and when it finally ends, I'm pooped. Last night is ended at 9:00pm.

I just changed the name of my blog and it's URL to better reflect my site name.

I want to make a better feedback, or maybe a forum. Any opinions? Even "Hi, I read your blog, it sucks scissors" would help!

my new eBay listing, these look great!

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