Monday, October 24, 2005

What a Week!

I really do try to keep things manageable, but sometimes it's impossible. Today I see a new Dr. in Walnut Creek, about 1 hr away. I can't pick up my son after school or take him to our regular McDonald's Monday that we have done for 5 years now. It's a tradition. My Appointment is at 2:00. If I need tests, I hope I can do it today while I am there.
We had to move out of our tack boxes and into the new smaller ones this weekend. We have until Friday, but Dave can only help on weekends and he wants to salvage the old one, since I own it. Everything is a mess. I have to organize.
Tuesday the horseshoer comes. Janow needs shoes badly because I could not even squeeze in a phone call to the shoer who is not the regular one. The regular one is layed up with a broken arm. He could have shod Janow on Saturday, but the vet was comming and I had to rush from Joseph's Faith Formation class to the barn to meet the vet! So Janow is being shod on Tuesday. The vet wanted to float Janow's teeth but didn't have time, how about Monday? Nope, Dr. When will I be done with that? Well, without my book, I can't even remember what time I'm supposed to be there. Tuesday? Horseshoer. Hope isn't not the orthodontist too. I'll have to cancel if it is. Wednesday, Dr Chakravorty. Thursday I am driveing Joseph's class on a field trip. Friday? OK, vet on Friday. But I have another appointment then. I am trying to call and find out if I can move it. The right person is not there. They can't call back and leave a message other than "call me back." Cell phone doesnt work at the barn and I can't have it on in a med facility where I will be this afternoon. I don't like to talk on the phone and drive at the same time.
Our cat is still sick. We will have to put him to sleep. Ift the small animal vet will not give us the injection to do it at home, the horse vet will. I won't take him to the vet again, he hates it. He has been a good cat, he deserves to go at home. That is why I have to move a Dr. appointment Friday instead of the vet appointment.
I have a sinus infection. It gives me a headache.
Oh yeah, laundry, vaccuming, cooking, grocery shopping and two listing on eBay.

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