Monday, October 24, 2005

Crocodile Card

Here is an art card I recieved as a gift. I love t and wuld have paid money to own it. Lucky me! The artist, James Kelley, is young, but old enough to have outgrown imagination and courage in art. Most young children have these qualities, but most lose them as they grow up. James hasn't, and that is both wise and lucky.
Here is what he writes about his card:
"Meet little Cruncher....a rather harmless looking, dapper Crocodile. Sure he is. Yet he has an odd secret. Cruncher once had an old granny name "Great Granny Sue", the biggest gator in all of the swamp. Unfortunately, Granny passed away a few months ago, leaving all her possessions to Cruncher. Cruncher was depressed at the death of his Granny, and wanted a way to remember her. Then he had the thought, "Why let such great leather go to waste?" Cruncher now has a new pair of alligator leather shoes and briefcase to go with them."
James occaisionally sells his art on eBay using his family's seller name Raskelley, and in Folk-of-Art under the name Hand-Me-Downz.
The link to Folk-of-Art is here in this blog.

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