Saturday, October 15, 2005

Seeking Peace

This picture is a peaceful one. It is to me anyway. This is my horse, Janow, eating.

After these past couple of weeks, I need peace. The craft fair, two quilts in Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, two trips to the dentist, beloved Ferm in the vet hosptial for 5 days, an MRI and blood test way up in Walnut Creek, Buying hay in Concord (each place a one hour drive).

My husband announced Friday afternoon that he needed to get a birthday gift for his mother. Friday evening he said it had to be mailed no later than Monday. I said, OK, it has to be mailed on Monday. He replied no, no later than Monday but it could be sooner. Well, since we don't have the gift and the post office is only open in the morning on Saturday and closed Sunday, it can't be earlier. Oh. He always waits 'til the last minute but he's in denial. I'll get her something very nice at the trade fair when I go to the quilt show on Sunday.

I've applied to join the artist co-op Folk of Art. See my favorite links.

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