Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Lulu Loved The Moon

Here is an art card I want to share. I took a picture of it in full on sunlight. Art cards are difficult to photograph. I have my best luck outdoors in the sun. Mid day is best, but I went out at about 8:30am and the sun was at an angle. This card made shadows, so I moved it into the shadow of my house and took additional pictures. The shade one is a good picture, but the sunlight one has the light hitting the faux gem. Which do you like!

I won this card on eBay from the seller My_enchanted_expressions. That turns out to be two people. I realized, in my meager collection, that I did not have any collage. I've never been a big collage fan. I guess that goes back to the olden days when Ggirl Scout leaders couldn't think of anything else so they gave us all Elmer's Glue and construction paper, and some beans.


Surprising because I like quilts and those are collage. I guess I have some aversion to the word 'collage.' Maybe it's too much like college.

But when this card came, and I opened it, I was very happy! The contrast in visual textures is amazing! Here she has created depth, not by colors and values and shapes and prints, as quilters try to do in quilts, but by glueing actual bumpy stuff on. I never would have thought of that, which is funny in retrospect. Of course, it's not really recomended for a bed cover that you want to sleep under and launder.

If you like it, search the seller My_enchanted_expressions on eBay. You can have a groovy thing too!

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