Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Rich Mom University

Here are some rabbit pictures. I ran out of greens the night before, so they had roses for dinner. the next morning, they were expecting roses for breakfast!

Such a rainy year! Yesterday it was supposed to rain, but it didn't look like it. I rooted around home looking for my notebook. My searching-for-lost-things method it s to clean as I go, because it there wasn't such a mess, I'd find it sooner. I never found it but did find a  lot of other things, mostly to throw away. The garden bed where I wanted to plant herbs was almost ready so I finished that. The morning yard work is an important ritual for Lydia.

I got the to barn later than usual, gave the ulcer snack and got Yndi out. by then, it looked kind of weathery. It started to rain half way to the round pen and I gave up in disgust and took her back to her stall. I gave both mares a wad of hay and went to Burger King to organize some of the bits of papers I found while cleaning. An Jan for alfalfa pellets(they didn't have any), a new scratcher for Whiskers, and a new retractable leash because the old one wont retract. Orchard Supply to buy some herbs for the garden bed. Then came home.

It stopped raining. Lydia and I got the herbs planted, the recycling can ready, cleaned the bunker.....stuff. It was the last day to join Rich Mom University and its expensive so I could decide. I finally joined with only 2 hours of availability left.

Weird day.

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