Monday, March 21, 2016

Pony bites and RMU

I've had my finger nipped again. Crew blood. Pepper nips at me a lot, but rarely makes contact, I have to be more proactive at correcting this.

I'm seriously considering joining Rich Mom University held by Renae Christine.
I seriously cannot consider make anything to sell on etsy until after the move to the house on the mountain, This gives me the time to absorb the infor and formulate a better plan. So far, I have been using something she calls "Hope Marketing."

Yesterday we went to Livermore to look at modular barns. That place had some cheapo stuff. Dave thought it was good but I hated it. Then we came back and picked up Lydia before heading down to San Maritn to see a schooling horse show that had two driving classed right after lunch, There were no driving entries and the classes were cancelled.  I could have handled it with Yndi or Pepper, the footling was not too deep and there was plenty of room in the parking lot to hook.

Then on down to 101 trailer sales in  Frutivale. They were closed. We saw the structures in the yard, but were not super impressed.

At home, (we both crashed for HOURS!) we dew up plans and discussed datails and prepared drawings to send to the manufacturer of Noble Barns.

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