Saturday, April 09, 2016

All the Stuff

Many things happening in preparation for going to Merrie Morgan's for training and getting the house ready to sell and the final touches on the Kincaid farmhouse.

I planted peas and beans and sunflowers and carrots and they started to come up and got eaten. So I git veggie garden insecticide and bought some bean plants and some corn plants already started and put those in. I planted tomatoes too, but left a lot of poppies in because I like the carpenter bees and the carpenter bees like the poppies. I really want to have a decent garden out there when they show the house for sale. (not my picture)

Pepper got a tick on her neck. I got it out, but it itched, so she rolled. The place she rolled seems to have a sand spider and the spider gets irritated and bites her. The spider bites itch and she rolls and get more bites. I remember Janow had these on his dock and I used premise spray all over the ground in his paddock and they stopped. I ordered some repellent granules, but I sprayed some of the garden bug spray where she rolls because it might work.

I helped a rabbit on Wednesday. Amanda was adopted at the FOLT fair as a bond mate for a family's current bun. When the foster mom came to pick her up at the end of the show, she cried because she didn't think Amanda would be adopted. The bond looked good, but when Amanda went to her new home, she became depressed because she had bonded to her foster mom. When she became depressed, the family's rabbit turned on her and the bond was no longer a possibility. I agreed to pick up Amanda from her adopter in Sunnyvale and transport her to her foster mom in Vacaville. Its quite a drive.

Adrienne and I are getting ready for our 4 day training trip to Arbuckle.

We also went on a drive along the county road. We were going to Harry's on Thursday and the county road on Friday. I invited Francois to come too, and planed on taking both ponies and two carts. Harry had to reschedule for Friday built I had already extended my invitation to Francois and having three ponies and carts to Harry's would have made it to hard for Adrienne to get to work on time. So we just continued with he county road plan. Then, in the Friday rain, Francois told me he had a meeting and couldn't come. So I just loaded Pepper and started out. As I went out, Francois came in, the meeting was short and the major itinerary was moved to a different date. So he came with us, but just with Pepper.

Neither Pepper nor Twist was having a great day,but we pulled it off and did about 6 miles. We passed a golf course. The golfers did not expect to see pony carts. They watched us like this:
(not my picture either)

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