Tuesday, November 03, 2015



I ordered Buns-of-Silver blog in a book. An indulgence(? really) that I figured was OK after I got some money for licensing art to BTizzy. I think it closes a chapter. I can see Silver's grave from the bathroom window at the Mountain House. She was a very good rabbit.

The house is moving right along. We ordered the counter top for the kitchen and bathrooms last week. Dave finished the install of the cabinets in the kitchen and is working on the under-cabinet lighting which is going to look great. I like to have low lights at night so I can move around but not feel like its daytime.

On my carriage, I made the adjustments of the pole back to where it was before. Harry Council recommended some changes and I tried them, but they created more problems than they solved. Francois helped me hook the girls, but with a shorter pole, the breeching couldn't engage and we had to break constantly going down hill to keep the carriage from banging into them.

Kacey, the foster turned adopted bunny, has her free vet visit today. Rabbit Haven pays for a vet visit to one of their vets for each adopted rabbit.  I am going slow bonding her to Pierre, so I will use this car trip to take them int he same carrier help the bond. I got the new bigger carrier with my 20% discount at For Other Living Things that came with the adoption.
Having two bunnies that are not bonded is hard because I need two Bunkers. Kasey is a leaper and hers has to have a ceiling. I am hoping that when she is bonded to Pierre, she will not feel the need to go out.

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