Saturday, November 07, 2015

Auto buying stress, Auto repair stress

We agreed to buy the truck. The actual purchase will take place Monday, giving both the seller and us time to get out ducks in a row. Cashiers checks from two financial institutions must be obtained with the correct spelling to the Payble To. There is a waiting period for availability of transferred funds. The seller has to arrange for a way home from his workplace where the sale will take place. DMV forms in order too. And time to check the VIN in Carfacts. There are weirdnesses, of course. Trucks like this are not usually for sale until they have many miles. This one has only 21K. Its barely 11 months old and we are the third owner, and it came from TX. We have had to decided the weirdnesses are worth the risk.  Still stressful to spend this much money.

I have been trying to band x-foster rabbit Kasey with widower bun Pierre. After a month of bonding exercises and a stress bonding of a three hour trip to the vet in Los Altos during the commute, They got to spend an afternoon in the same BUNker. The plan was to allow them to spend the night if the afternoon went well. Sadly, after I went to bed, there was chasing. I got up and separated them so I could sleep. That was Thursday. Today, Saturday, Pierre escaped during Kasey's playtime out, and after he requested grooming(he is SO ready to be bonded!) Kasey humped his head instead, but that was OK and now they are fine.

I picked Joseph up from work yesterday and we stopped to pick up the parts to fix the Bronco. He has figured out that he can do it himself and moved on from his place of despair. He had reached a hopeless stage where his resources of money and knowledge could not meet, and I offered him financial help. He asked for the promised money it before he ran out of his own money and I didn't cough it up, asking instead for an outline of finances on paper. He did that, and now I have to summarize under his disorganized mathies so I can get a clear picture and he can see how to present financial info(without me asking for clarification and trying to teach him directly, which wouldn't work). In the meantime, he figured stuff out better and may not need as much money.

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