Friday, November 06, 2015

Craigslist Love/Hate

We are trying to buy a truck. We have a lead on one, on Craiglsist. Its such a good deal we feel frantic, we are afraid too many people are also pursuing this truck. We have no idea if that's true. It is stressful.

Harry came to Ed Levin yesterday and gave me a lesson, we tried to get the pole and pole straps better. There was a lot of finagling. Every time you change one thing, a bunch of other things have to change to accommodate it.  We think the last thing to do is replace the pole straps, which can't get short enough, with quick links.

We passed the golf course on our drive. There was a group of golfers and one of them saw us. She tried to point us out to her friends, who were not interested in anything that was not on the golf course. Finally, someone looked, and she poked someone else end pointed. She obviously had more social clout and it was a chain reaction until the all the golfers were doing a pretty good meercat imitation. It was fun.

Someone else wanted to buy both ponies. Sorry. Harry told them it would be 100K each.

"Did you sneeze on your screen?"
"Yes, with coffee."
"I thought so."

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