Thursday, May 19, 2011


Maggie is on the way.


There is always a butt.

She will arrive in Milpitas on Saturday. Indian Hill is not allowing horses to come onto the ranch. Even if they live there and just went for a trail ride down the road.

Maggie got on the truck Monday, when the virus was rumors, far away, and reining horses only(or cutting horses?)

There is good news. The owner of Indian Hill owns other property up the road. Maggie will stay there and be the only horse for 14 days of quarantine. I will have access.

This will give us time alone to bond. No house warming or nosy people.

And then...........

Dave said he wanted a dog, so we went to the shelter and looked at pit bulls and Chihuahuas. Then we went to a different shelter and saw more pit bulls and Chihuahuas.

We selected Lydia, labeled as a one year old Chihuahua Pekingese mix. She is now taking over our house. We think she is Doxie, not Chihuahua. Her body is too long, she is too interested in smells and her eyes aren't bulgy enough. She is a peek-a-dox.

Joseph was ecstatic. He asked Dad why we got a dog. Dave said:
"Mom wanted one."

She has tattoos, by her spay scar. You can sing the song............


The Fab Furs said...

Hope Maggie can get across the border OK. Silver must be excited at the dog and pony show coming to her soon.

Cara said...

Silver is pretending nothing is different. She is keeping her fur gorgeous, as usual.