Friday, May 20, 2011

More rumor than fact

There were more rumors than facts last night and I panicked. It didn't help that search engines are stupid and that some idiot spammed equine herpes virus-1 with a photo of their horse.

Lots of people said "You shouldnt have gone any where." I didn't, she left Monday, hours before the news went out on the west coast.

Someone else said: "Just don't let anyone come on your property." Great, I board. There are 196 horses there. I don't have control.

And somebody else said: "You probably need a Coggins test." Duh.

So, she will cross into CA this am at about 11:00. Due to arrive in Milpitas for 14 day quarrentine that is more important for everybody's comfort than actual disease control.

And Now for some Lydia:

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