Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Finally Settling

After two days of frantic pacing, Maggie is finally settling down. She is eating and resting. I tried walking her but she was too stressed and kept walking into me. I tried Janow's harness on her for fit. It's too big. Getting it on was tricky because she was antsy and pawed the whole time.

It was hard for her, coming from a large herd in pasture to being all alone. Horses are herd animals and being alone is hard for them.

I only tried it on because someone in SoCal on carriage driving list had a Smuckers synthetic small pony for sale at a great price. I needed to find out if I should pursue this one. Turns out that not only is the cob too big for Maggie, but the woman with the small pony harness actually needs a cob size. I'm sending her the Zilco, we are trading straight up.

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