Saturday, October 09, 2010

Buntastic Carrots and Pumpkins

These are some things I finished up this week. I made four of the Jack saddle pads, three sold already.

They are batik on cotton twill. It's a bit heavier than cotton broadcloth. The carrots are also batik on cotton twill. They are $35.00 until October 31, Then the carrots go up to $45.00. The Jack stays at $35 if still unsold, but he will probably hang around in inventory until next year. Shipping is $9.00 to US, Canada and US Armed Forces Overseas.

There are more carrots on the way.

This primitive sweatshirt is size XL, Fruit of the Loom Heavy Cotton. Hand dyed fabirc collage, the texture is fantastic and it will get comments everywhere you go! It's $53.00, $6.00 shipping. You'd pay twice that much at a whine and cheese festival. Really.


d. moll, said...

Those Jacks are flying out the door! congrats. Tempted by Bun tas tic, but must wait and see how things shake....

Cara said...

I understand. You can see that Silver was not my muse for that one!