Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday Bunday, Victoria

Today's Monday Bunday is another waiting bun. Victoria, a small young girl at Humane Society Silicon Valley here in Milpitas. She is spayed and micro chipped. Her adoption fee is sponsored so you wouldn't have to pay it. That leaves more money for rabbit toys! So cute!

I'm sure there are shelters and rescue groups in your area with many more rabbits waiting for their forever home.

You can find out about the personalities of many of the rabbits available for adoption. They have been handled/loved by staff and volunteers, often even fostered in someones home. This is great for finding just the rabbit for you. When you get a baby, they are cute, but you can't always tell how they will be when they are grown. The House Rabbit Network lists tons and tons of buns looking for homes, and often tells about each one with lots of pictures.

Of course, research rabbit needs, physical and social, and talk to rabbit owners to make sure a rabbit is the right pet for you. They take more care than hamsters or goldfish! (yes yes, hamsters are special too!)

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