Saturday, March 06, 2010

Driving, Pads, Hair cut, Possum Lodge

Here are some saddle pads in progress, almost done.

I had my driving lesson Wednesday. The weather was supposed to clear. It didn't, but I got the best part of the day. We had use of an indoor arena down the road and only got a little damp going to and from.

We drove Nutmeg down to a neighboring indoor arena and practiced cones. Haven't done that in a long time. Little rusty. Little! The footing was deep and boggy in places so the cart got bogged a bit, then unbogged, then bogged again. The sound echoed off the walls funny. These things bothered Nutmeg who is a brave but sensitive girl. There was an odd kind of pole in the center. She was wary and when it moved out of her field of vision, she wanted to veer away. Interesting. Remember, these things are supposed to happen in lessons.

Got back home to Milpitas an hour and fifteen minutes later. Tried to ride Janow but it hailed and we hurried back to the stall. THEN there was thunder! Don't want to be on top of a horse with steel shoes on in a thunder storm. No sirree Bob!

Some pictures Dave took on Mt Hamilton last weekend:

Joseph FINALLY got a hair cut! He wanted one and told me he wanted one, but when I had time to take him, he didn't want a hair cut. Then he wanted a hair cut but I didn't have time to take him. Then I had time to take him and he didn't want a hair cut....... Whatever.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Nice do! Looking cool dude!

I never thought of horses wearing metal shoes being a risk of lightning strikes. gah!

Those photos are breathtaking!