Friday, March 19, 2010

CM vs Miley

This is what happened when we did not put the bread away. Dave says he noticed Whiskers checking it out and he put the dishtowel over it. Then he washed and dried his hands on the towel, leaving it off the bread. This was the day he came home and deposited a bag of groceries on the counter, expecting me to take care of it. I did see it. The ice cream melted. We had to drink it. I didn't get mad. It wasn't that important.

Silver the Beautiful Rabbit was innocent, as usual.

Janow got new shoes on Wednesday and he stepped out much better. The next day he was very sore. The pounding hurts him. I gave him some bute and took him for a short walk. I am too lame for more than that. Argh! Today he was better. He got more bute and Dave walked him for me. He seemed fine. Tomorrow I might ride.

I have a CM Playday trailer bought in 1995. It has a ramp that is very hard to lift. I can't lift it any more. Sue is selling her trailer, an '83 Miley. It is a step up, so I thought I could buy it and sell mine. Dave and I looked at it today. It wasn't always a step up. It has been modified and repaired. Mine is in better shape and about the same size. Maybe I can modify mine? The back doors would need re-enforcement. It has butt chains, not bars. Do I need to have a butt bar installed? I need to find out. I need to look at other trailers. There are about 35 trailers stored at the ranch. I need to go snooping, or just ask people.


Rising Rainbow said...

Good luck with your trailer investigation. There are always pros and cons to each type. It's just finding what will suit you and your horse's needs.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I wonder if I could modify our trailer, too. It, too has a ramp that is quite heavy.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do,